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About me

Hello! I’m Debarghya Dutta(Deb)

I am a Compositing Supervisor/Digital Compositor


I have worked with leading companies such as Technicolor, MPC Film & PrimeFocus,  serving roles such as Comp Supervisor, Team Lead, Floor Supervisor & Head Trainer in Compositing. I have worked in production pipeline within VFX, CGI and Stereoscopic compositing. Proficient in NukeAfter Effects, Fusion & DaVinci Resolve. .

Photography got me hooked since an early age. My father has always been a photography buff. I grew up watching him click on his Kodak camera. We still have stacks of albums, all his clicks!

I just love the sound of the half-trigger on a DSLR, before the full click!  And being a compositor, I had to deal with all the attributes of a virtual camera everyday. So I played around with those attributes that helped me get a confident understanding of how a camera works.




I have always been fascinated with foreign languages!
It feels great to spend time in gamified study! Thanks to my journey through Duolingo, I have made quite a few friends who speak a different language.


If you are on Duolingo too, let's connect!

Triplet beat jingle

At first, I did not understand the interface of FL Studio 4, once I installed it back in 2006.  However, as I stayed on it, I started figuring things out & I was completely blown away!

I understood then, that it was now possible to create professional music in its entirety, on this software.

This is the song (on the left), 'Ambience Outburst' that got me into electronic music making. 

I like creating, working on edm/dubstep/house genres. I wish I can make room for some extra time to create more music!

Here are some (unfinished))samples on the left.  Have a listen and let me know what you think!




Career Skills

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